When Hopewell approached us about their new product line, we knew it was something special. They envisioned THC-infused beverages that would break the mold. After some creative strategy and naming sessions, we landed on the name Choom—a name with the versatility to resonate in many ways, perfectly capturing the brand’s long-term vision.

Services︎︎︎ Strategy, Naming, Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging, Campaign

Garrett Sweet

We then dove into logo and packaging design, drawing inspiration from the past while creating something new. Nostalgia became our muse, embracing the friendly and playful spirit of 80s and 90s beer and cigarette ads through a modern lens. It’s a dance between the familiar and the unexpected, forging an instant connection.
But we didn’t stop there. We envisioned an entire universe (a Choomiverse, if you will) crafted with care and intention. Through merch, visual campaigns, package design, and clever copy, we built a world that invites you in and takes you away.

The primary wordmark strikes a perfect balance between modern and nostalgic. The brand suite also includes a library of secondary assets that showcase the brand in a variety of ways.

The label system was designed to make clear what the beverage is, emphasize the Choom name, and allows us flexibility in the future for product line extension. We wrote copy that focused on experience.

We wrote copy and designed posters and social media content that invited you into the Choomiverse. Warm, friendly, cheeky, and for everyone.

The brand was extended into wearables like sweatshirts and hats, but also adjacent merch items like rolling trays.

Thank you to Stephen, Samantha, Jonathan, and Jake from Hopewell for being amazing partners. And thanks to Garrett Sweet for translating the Choom brand into these so-damn-good photos. ︎

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