Blank is a consultancy and studio for creative strategy, branding, and design. We help businesses discover, build, grow, and manage their brand.

We have a firm belief that lasting brands are built on truth, not trends. We work with businesses to identify and hold the tensions within their brand. From tension, we reveal truth—allowing brands to stop fitting in and to start creating a space of their own.

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Our Values

Deep Curiousity
We don’t know what we don’t know. Empty, curious minds help us discover the unknowns—setting the foundation for honest, authentic brands.

Clarity through Transparency
We do not leave anything to be implied or assumed. All of our actions are rooted in honesty, directness, and intention—allowing for deep alignment and clarity.

Create from Contentment
Contentment is a deep level of joy and satisfaction. Creating from contentment allows us to detach our ego and build brands based on their truth.

Keep it Fun
In our work and in our interactions, we maintain a lighthearted, playful spirit in all we do. We live. We laugh. We love.


We handle projects every step of the way—from strategy, to design, to production.
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Creative Strategy
Exhibit Design
Product Development
Social Content

Our Process

A flexible framework—tailored to fit the unique needs of each client.


Every project begins with an empty, curious mind. Through strategy sessions, discussions, and visual exercises, we will discover themes—revealing the truth(s) of your brand.

Examples of Deliverables:
Deep knowledge of your goals, values, purpose, mission.


Informed by truth, we’ll build clarity. Through more visual exercises and discussions, we’ll create a framework on what your brand should look, feel, and sound like. 

Examples of Deliverables:
Visual/written frameworks, mood boards, treatment boards.


We’ve explored and built a strong foundation. With this clarity, we can begin to build. This is when we start to design and shape the visual systems and language of your brand.

Examples of Deliverables:
Brand identity, production-ready artwork, website.


The final product is delivered. To close out, we’ll document and deliver all of our findings, guidelines, final files, and any other information in a clear, simple manner. 

Examples of Deliverables:
Brand guidelines, templates, launch plans, file library.

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