Wayup is an alt-beverage brand, dreamt up by The Hopewell Brewing Company. As an established brewery, they wanted a new space to play that allowed them to explore their curiosities beyond beer. Piquette, kombucha, hard seltzer, or something else—Wayup is their playground for all things ‘not quite beer.’

Services︎︎︎ Branding, Art Direction, Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Production, Copywriting, Strategy, Social Media Planning 

We set out to create a brand that evoked an atmospheric journey and encouraged curiosity and wonder—which was achieved through playful type, glossy illustration, and dreamy copy. 

Photo by Jack X. Li

Illustration is a central part of Wayup’s visual identity, creating a joyful and dreamy world to explore while you sip away. Using metalized film, subtle spot varnish, and a wavy die cut—there are playful and thoughtful discoveries with every turn of the can.

Photography courtesy of Jack X. Li

“Working with Blank Studio has been a dream. We so appreciated the holistic and thoughtful approach to our package design, and are thrilled with the final product.”
Samantha Lee, Hopewell Brewing Co.

We crafted a social media launch plan to help introduce the brand in a way that kept the audience curious and energized. 

To create some structure around flavor naming, we developed simple guidelines that would ensure consistency for future beverages.

A big thank you to the talented crew of Samantha, Stephen, Jonathan, and Jake at Hopewell, illustrator Julia Dufossé, and photographer Jack X. Li. ︎


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